Sunday, July 18. 2021

The Omaha Triathlon will be held at Lake Cunningham. The lake is located along 96th Street with entrances at State Highway 36, State Street, 96th Street and Rainwood Road. The Omaha Triathlon features a variety of options for athletes to choose from: Olympic and Sprint, Individual, Olympic Team Relay, Duathlon Individual, Aqua Bike (Swim and Bike only). Olympic Relay Team can consist of either 2 or 3 teammates.USAT Logos

These events are sanctioned by USA Triathlon (USAT). The term “sanction” refers to the compliance of a multisport event to USAT’s safety requirements. Safety plans, course maps, and event details must be submitted for review by experienced USAT staff. This ensures events are safe and fair competition environments. All USAT-sanctioned races require you to have a current USAT membership. If you don’t have an annual USAT membership, (only $50 per year), you can purchase a single day USAT pass for $15. Both may be purchased during online registration.

COVID-19 Safety Best Practices:  

The objective is to maintain distancing throughout the race for all individuals including volunteers, participants, race staff, race officials, etc. The bulleted points outline the measures that will taken, which follow medical guidance and public health recommendations.

  • All athletes, race staff, and volunteers will be required to have their temperature checked upon arrival using our touchless thermometers. We encourage everyone to self-monitor themselves prior to coming to the race. Do not come to the race if you feel ill.
  • No More than 3 to 4 bikes per rack with open racking for all participants. We are NOT marking bike spots using your number. Please spread out appropriately in the transition area. We will have plenty of extra racks so spreading out should be easy.
  • We recommend drop off on Saturday to minimize time in the transition area race morning. Volunteers will direct participants to minimize time in the transition to less than 10 minutes. Please get your gear arranged in transition quickly and exit.
  • All volunteers will be wearing masks.
  • Athletes are requested to wear face masks pre-race, but not required to wear a mask while racing.
  • We will be having a time trail start. We will have groups of no more than 20 lined up at least six feet apart designed by their color cap (duathletes will be a separate group). Each athlete starts in the water one a time approximately every 5 to 10 seconds.
  • When your group color is called proceed to starting area and line up on any of the numbered spots starting at 1. It will take each group about 3 minutes to enter the water similar to a wave start but everyone is spread out.
  • When finishing the race, please cross the finish line and continue moving until at least 100 feet past the finish line.
  • After leaving the finish line area, we will assist in retrieving race gear and bike when it is safe. The objective is to leave the race venue as soon as you are able to retrieve your gear and bike.
  • The Timer will not be providing or posting any times at the timing trailer. We will be posting them real time to the cloud. It may take a few minutes to update the results.
  • There will be no Award Ceremony following the race. We plan to either mail awards and/or arrange for a curbside pickup at our office (local).
  • A finisher closed bag including nutrition, water, finisher medal, will be placed at the finish line. Please take one bag.
  • Once it is safe to enter the transition area to retrieve your gear and bike, we will make an announcement. Do not enter the transition until we make an announcement.
  • USA Triathlon rules dictate passing on the bike single file on the left side within 15 seconds and maintaining at least 3 bikes lengths.
  • Once participants reach the run course, there will be significant distance between each participant. However, when passing any athlete, please pass quickly. Do not run alongside any participant.
  • Water stations will have closed water bottles only. No volunteers will be handling water to participants. Please feel free to bring your own hydration throughout the race too.
  • Portable toilets will be spread out. Participants will need to wait for usage at least ft apart and toilets will be cleaned after each use by a volunteer or race staff.
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the venue. Please bring your own as well.

For Residents

The ROAD CLOSED advisory does not mean you cannot exit neighborhoods or reach a place of business or church. The Omaha Police and Douglas County Sheriff will be policing the course and barricades will be in place to control traffic for the safety of cyclists. The road closure should begin opening up close to 9 a.m. To avoid any delay, please avoid the area between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. Please note that bicycle traffic will be going around the lake clockwise beginning at 138th and Fort Street to 144th Street to Ida Street to 132nd Street to 132nd and Fort Street and back to 138th and Fort Street. Cyclists are doing 3 to 6 laps of the course or 12 to 24 miles.

Olympic Distance

The Olympic distance is our main course for this event. Register as an individual or as a team. The distances consist of a 1500m swim, a 40km bike, and a 10K run.

SWIM – 1500 Meters, just under one mile.

BIKE – The bike course is a 40km fast course.

RUN – 10K run.

TEAM EVENTS – The Olympic distance triathlon is open for team registration. Teams may have either two or three athletes participate.

Sprint Distance

The sprint distance is 1/2 the distance of the olympic. The sprint swim waves start immediately following the olympic waves. Both the sprint and olympic race courses run concurrently. Athletes will do one lap for sprint distance.

SWIM – 750m (1/2 mile)

BIKE – 20km bike

RUN – 5K run


Virtual Race Bag/Athlete Guide and Race Briefings: The Omaha Triathlon does not require mandatory race briefings. However, a voluntary but recommended race briefing for any participant or athlete that would like to review the course, USA Triathlon Rules, and event information prior to race day. This is especially recommended for less experienced triathletes and relay team members. We will have optional race briefings at GreenStreet Cycles the week of the race and approximately two weeks prior. GreenStreet will host a preview ride of the course following these course briefings.

All participants receive a virtual race bag containing all the necessary information to prepare for race day the week of the event. It is the responsibility of each participant to review the information and the event schedule. This includes information on their wave start times, transition, courses, USA Triathlon rules, and other useful event information.

Packet Pickup / Registration: Each pre-registered participant must pick up their own race packet at the designated location (location and time TBA). Due to a large number of participants, requiring packet pickup prior to race day avoids and prevents many events concerns by participants. Please present proper identification at packet pickup. Unless you have previously authorized a proxy, packets may not picked-up by anyone other than the athlete.

Annual USAT members will need to show a current USA Triathlon Membership Card and a Photo ID to the Registration Staff. If either the participant fails to bring a current card or does not have a current USA Triathlon Member Card, a $15 USA Triathlon Fee is required to participate in the triathlon. If you purchased a $15 USA Triathlon single day membership, we should have that information at registration. Only annual memberships receive a member number from USA Triathlon.

Bike Drop-off for the Omaha Triathlon:

There is no mandatory bike drop-off on Saturday afternoon/evening. However, we recommend dropping off your bike on Saturday to avoid any capacity issues with our bike support and mechanics. Also, we can deal with any last second issues such as missing bar-end plugs the day before the race versus race morning. If you plan to bring your bike race morning, please arrive with plenty of time to place your bike into transition. Bikes must have the Race Number sticker affixed and visible on the bike and correspond with the athlete number on the bracelet. No bikes will be allowed in transition once it is closed just prior to the race start.

Race Day:

Transition opens at 4:30 a.m. and closes shortly before 6 a.m. Race start is scheduled promptly at 6 a.m. Waves will be 3 to 5 minutes apart. The Athlete Guide will be sent by email closer to the event with any updates and changes to the official event schedule.


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