4 Fall Training Goals for Triathletes

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4 Fall Training Goals for Triathletes

It’s October. Trees are flaming with color. Morning and evenings are incredibly refreshing. NBA, baseball and football all being played, well, for the most part. Halloween. Ah yes, Halloween. Here are a few tips to remember as we head full-on into Fall, October and Halloween.

1. Don’t “Ghost” your training. Ghosting is kind of a contemporary term, I think. I could be wrong since I’m not “with it” anymore. My 30something kids try to help, for which I’m thankful. Training. Remember? Ghosting means you ignore something/someone. Yes, enjoy the fall and a change of pace. Ride a mountain bike. Do some trail running. Shorten your swim workouts if you want to, but don’t ghost all that.

2. Don’t be a Goblin.  That’s right. Quit gobbl’in everything in sight. Yes, you can relax your super-clean race season diet some, but don’t do what I did a few years back. After USAT Nationals, where I did very well and finished a very intense six months of training and racing in prep for Nationals, I gained one pound per week…for…16 weeks! No joke. For Halloween be a witch or a walking hot dog or a box of M&Ms but don’t be a goblin…or a gobbl’in. 

3. Do be a Jack-o-lantern! Carve out a happy face and of course, put a bright candle inside. Keep the candle burning. Do things that keep that fire ignited inside you for the long haul. Dialing training back or even taking a break is OK, but read endurance sports books, watch Youtube videos, listen to podcasts, etc. Do whatever it takes to stay mentally, emotionally and intellectually engaged. The most artistically carved pumpkin is nothing without that flame inside.

4. Enjoy some (Trick or) Treats. Treat yourself to a thorough bike tune-up or a new wetsuit. Heck, even a new pair of goggles can be a treat. A bike fit, fresh running shoes or a shiny (or black matte) helmet are all treats that’ll keep you going. 

Enjoy the Fall season!

Lincoln Murdoch
Lincoln Murdoch
As an accomplished endurance athlete, Lincoln has been competing in running events for 40 years and racing in triathlons for 25 years. He is a 3x USAT National Champion, 14x USAT All-American and 3x ITU World Championships Top-Ten finisher. Lincoln is passionate about helping athletes meet their goals through books, online resources, coaching and motivational speaking. You can learn more at www.lincolnmurdoch.com.
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