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Women’s Triathlon Training Specials

SBR LogoRace Omaha has teamed up with local USAT certified triathlon coaches Sandy and Vicki to offer some great training sessions to get you ready for the Women’s Triathlon. For more information please contact Sandy Bikus or Vicki Vandergriend.

Group Sessions:

Swim Indoors
15$@ 6 ppl max.
Pool swim analysis
(Required Gear: swim cap & goggles)

Open Water Swim
15$ @6ppl max.
Lake Based Swim (must be pool established swimmer)
(Required Gear: swim cap, goggles, & wetsuit opt.)

Run Session
15$ 6ppl Max
Improve your run efficiency and form at a local track.
(Required Gear: running shoes/apparel)

Run Session
15$ 6ppl max
Learn how to run at a speed that makes sense for you at a local track (proper warm up and cool down provided as well).
(Required Gear: running shoes/apparel)

Bike Session
15$ 6ppl Max
Improve your bike skills in a controlled environment at the race venue.
(Required Gear: bike, helmet, gloves, changing kit, eyewear etc)

Transition Session
$15 10ppl Max
Prepare yourself for fast transitions.


Win a free two month individualized training plan with TriDot.com coached by triathlon Coach Vicki. The first three athletes who contact Coach Vicki about training will go into a drawing for the perfect swim, bike and run training plan to help you achieve optimal performance.

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